Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Gavin's Email - 2nd one!

Allright, yesterday was good, but today was awesome!

First, I got another email from Gavin! [See first one here] He replied to my original response. That was a way cool way to start my day.
----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Gavin
Date: Apr 1, 2008 5:20 AM

Yes I really am Gavin, I know it's hard to believe especially on April Fools Day but your brother wrote to Steve Govett (our GM) and Steve contacted me. I chose to write you since you were such a big fan or both the Mammoth and myself.
I truly am sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but from what I have heard about you and your positive attitude you will be fine after your treatment, you are a very strong individual.
Don't rush yourself or spread yourself too thin, you have to concentrate on yourself and your therapy, not the Mammoth. We will be around for a couple more games and many more years so you will get your fair share of games to watch in the future.
Thank you for the belated birthday wish, all the best!

Gavin Prout

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Tommy
Date: 31/03/2008

Are you really Gavin??????

Because that is crazy and I wouldn't put it past my brother and my friends to set up a whole MySpace account to send me a note from you! Everyone knows I'm a huge fan of yours.

I had the surgery last week and was released from the hospital yesterday. But I found out that I have cancer and will need some followup.... so my brother told me, "milk it" and I said, well then can't I get a make-a-wish.... please bring Gavin in to see me okay? And he laughed and brought in a Mammoth bandanna (see pic below) and flag to dress up my room. That was cool.

Anyway, I absolutely love the Mammoth and even moved my surgery to try to avoid missing a game. So hopefully I will be able to make it on Thursday. That is my plan at least.

Thanks for writing, whether you are Gavin or not, that made me smile. And if you are, happy belated birthday!

Take care,
So I sent an email to "Voodoo". He's the guy that Mondo originally had contacted and explained what was going on and asked if he could do anything. He responded saying he didn't do much. Just contacted Steve Govett (the GM of the Colorado Mammoth) and that Steve and the team did the rest. A few pieces of correspondence later, he sent me the following:

Hi Tommy,
Are you still in the hospital? If so, where? Govett and some of the team would like to visit you if possible.

What?! That would have been so cool. And for a second I thought, I can sprain my ankle or something.... Well, I'm not in the hospital, but the offer alone just lifted me higher than a kite. I can't tell you how much it lifted my spirits. I sent texts to all my friends who know what a Mammoth freak I am. They were way excited for me too. And a few of them even offered to come and help me break my leg.

Me and Mike Norris. I'm sporting the Mammoth Bandanna Mondo had brought me.

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