Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tears of joy. Way better than tears of sadness.

The Tarpit visits me in Section 102!

Me, Meghan & Mondo

Matthew & Me!

I just got home from the best game ever! Well, actually - I missed alot of the game since I couldn't sit forward in my seat and jump up whenever I wanted to. And usually, I want to stand through the whole game. But, I made it to the game and I was able to sit through the whole thing, so that was awesome!

Just Happy!

During halftime, Voodoo and the rest of the Tarpit all came over to our seats to say 'hi' and to take a picture with me. I knew that Voodoo was going to try to stop by, but it was a nice surprise to meet everyone else. The aisle guide or guard or whatever their title is actually wasn't going to let them down to our seats. They ended up going over to the next section and crossing back! What determination :o) So I was just so excited and all I wanted to do was give Voodoo a great big hug to thank him in person for doing whatever he did to get me an email from Gavin. And just for his kind words too. And then he tells me that he wants to give me something and takes a ring off his finger. Before I could finish saying "No, you really don't need to do anything like that..." He says, "Yes, I want to. This is my lucky ring and I have worn it to every game for the last three years." "Oh no, I can't take that..." "How about this, this is my lucky ring and I want you to have it... and you can give it back to me when you're all better." Ah, tears in my eyes again. And another hug.

Voodoo - you don't know how your kindness has touched my heart. I bet that I have spent less than 15 minutes, maybe 10 - crying over my cancer diagnosis, and half of that was worrying about how my family would deal with it... But I have been brought to tears several times by the overwhelming goodness of people like you. Here you are, a stranger - and then a group of strangers - making such a sweet and meaningful gesture. Tears of joy are way better than tears of sadness.

Wait! The story doesn't end here. Mondo asked if I wanted to go on the floor to see if Gavin was there. Dad was going to pull the van up and so we did. We waited for a while and finally Gavin came out and of course, everyone was yelling and cheering. Maybe we shouldn't have stood in the middle. He's never going to get here. Everyone is going to go to him. Bummer. Nenad Gajic had just come by and a security person told him time was up. I thought, well, probably the same for Gavin. But we still waited and I wanted to see if I could see him at least, but I was in the wheelchair and my view was blocked. Looked like they were telling him it was time to go too, and that's when I saw him look over and smile at me and walk straight over! He signaled to me that he was coming over to see me. I got the biggest cheesiest smile on my face and stood up.

He gave me a big hug and asked me how I was doing. I told him good, but at that moment - great! I thanked him for his emails and asked if he would take a picture with me, to which he answered "of course". Argh! When will I learn to take my camera! Matthew left early so I just had my camera phone and ugh, my eyes are closed! I am so happy about the moment I am still going to post the photograph. He thanked me for coming and wished me well, telling me to take care and hoping I was better soon. Oh, what a great night!

On the way out to the van, my whole family knew how happy I was. Mom was asking what happened during halftime and I was showing her the ring and sharing the story. I asked Mondo what he did and he said he went over and was able to talk to Gavin, saying "I know you're busy and you have lots of people to see here, but my sister would really like to thank you for some emails you sent her this week." It sounded like he knew who he was talking about by that and said he would come over. Thank you Mondo!!!

So, my tummy hurt and my sides hurt too by the end of the game. That was the first time I've really done steps and been out since the surgery (besides the quick trip to Target yesterday) - and that was a lot of steps. But it was totally worth it! I'm already feeling better.

And oh yeah, the Mammoth won too! Nash kicked bootie. That means playoffs! Yeah!


Lori Lynn said...

okay, you've got me crying now too. You've got a great brother Tommy.

Lori Lynn said...

Okay, I really don't know anything about the Avalanche. But I am still very impressed by how they have treated you. It was great to see you at church today.