Sunday, April 6, 2008

Out and about...

The ending of a great week... I got out of the house starting with the Mammoth game on Thursday (details in previous post).

Then Friday night I attended a Mission Estonia Poker Party Fundraiser at Marvin and Donna's House. It was a lot of fun and really good to see some of my Faith Mountain family. Although most of them had visited me in the hospital, it still felt like a long time since I had seen them. Donna made sure I had pillows for comfort and Mary (who I had met at a previous poker party) tended to my needs the rest of the night. She wouldn't even let me get up to get a bottle of water. But I didn't sit still the whole time. I mingled during the break and chatted with friends after I went out.

Saturday we had a birthday party for Darren at Faith Mountain. It was pretty easy - Mario and Karen ordered pizza's and brought salad, drinks and picked up the cake that Denise had bought. Everyone who got there early helped put out the chairs and Mondo and John set up two projectors for the kids to play Xbox and Nintendo. I think they had fun because I didn't hear any "I'm bored" complaints. The adults sat in another room and chatted, and eventually played one game of Texas Hold'em. By the time that game was over, I was starting to get a little achy and was ready to go home. Everyone pitched in and cleaned up in no time. I gave my mom the "night off" and she and my dad took a trip up to Blackhawk. Mondo came home with me and Darren and "babysat" me until after 1:00am.

Today, I made it to church and got to see the rest of my Faith Mountain family that I had been missing. I was so happy during worship, I sang my heart out.... and I don't know if many of you know this - but I don't sing, except at church, and usually I don't sing very loud there. But I was just so thankful for such an amazing week, I couldn't help myself. Sorry to those of you who were sitting near me ;o) This evening, we went to Mario & Karen's house for a family birthday dinner. Darren had his favorite, king crab legs - so I think he was pretty happy with his birthday weekend. Score!

So the weekend update is this - Every day I am feeling better and seem to be healing well.

I'm sure I'm repeating this when I say it, but you would have thought that this past week would have been the (2nd) worst in my life, but it wasn't. It actually felt like one of the best. I feel truly blessed.

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Lori Lynn said...

The bible says to make a joyful noise, it doesn't say it has to be beautiful. But we also know that our praise is beautiful to God. Sing your heart out beautiful!