Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mondo is the best! Eric too :o)

I love Mondo.

Yesterday he called me and asked me what I wanted to do about the game.

Mondo: Do you still want to go?
Tommy: Yeah. I don't know, I was thinking maybe I'd go at half-time, just in case I can only sit like that for a short time. I'd rather see the second half than have to leave early.
Mondo: Well, I talked to Eric and he wanted to know if you were okay for it. He said, maybe if you didn't feel up to it, we could do something with our tickets and all go over to mom's and watch the game with you.
Me: What?! My friends are the best! No way! He said he'd do that? Wow.
Mondo: Whatever you want sis.
Me: I don't know, I just don't know how I will do, but I wouldn't want to make you all miss the game. Although, that is a sweet gesture.
Mondo: I'm up for anything. It's just one game. How about a wheelchair? Do you think it would be better if you had a wheelchair? I can see about exchanging our tickets.

The conversation went on and he came over for dinner. He ended up taking my parents' and Darren's tickets and upgrading them for lower level wheelchair accessible seats. This way, if I can't sit in the regular seats, I can sit in the other. And he's willing to move to the other's with me - even though they are not nearly as sweet as ours. All I need to do now is find a wheelchair, but I actually think we might have one in the basement or garage. I'm so psyched.

I love Mondo.

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Lori Lynn said...

I think he loves you too.