Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And the winner is...

I heard from nurse Tracey this morning. My paperwork was submitted for participation in the Clinical Trial and I was drawn for the control group - which means I will not be receiving the additional chemo drug Cetuximab. That's the one that I mentioned in a previous blog titled "Freaked Out" cause um, I was freaked out about possible side effects...

So lets weigh the good and bad about this...

  • The only bad I can think of is that should this drug end up being an effective preventative measure for recurring cancer, I will have missed out on taking it as a prevention drug (but it will still be available to treat recurring cancer, so... :o)
  • No rashy side effects on my face, neck and back!
  • I will go in for treatment every other week instead of every week - already bringing my count of treatments down from 25 to 12!
  • Being part of the control group means that I will be given the same chemo regimen that I would have received had I not signed up at all - but, since I am part of the study, one of the three drugs will be funded by the study! That is a huge financial consideration cause I'm told these drugs are pretty expensive.
  • I'm still part of the study and will contribute to the findings that may affect a lot of people dealing with colon cancer in the future.
So really what I am trying to say is - I am okay with this.

Noticing the "good stuff" -
[x] Clinical Trials... a must if we're ever gonna cure cancer

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Kristina said...

No pizza face! I am happy for you Tommy, keeping you in my prayers always. Love you!!