Friday, April 18, 2008

Good Medicine...

The Colorado Mammoth had their final regular season home game tonight at the Pepsi Center. They kicked butt! This victory ensures that the team will host a West Division Semifinal playoff game, likely to be played on Saturday, May 3!

It was such a high energy game! Really, they all are, but this one was extra. So fun. Is it so bad that one of the highlights was seeing the fight between Tom Ethington (way hotttt) and Chris McElroy. Man, Tom E is a scrapper! I don't know what happened, just looked over and saw gloves all over the floor along side a couple of helmets and sticks. Tom E and McElroy doing a little dance and then pow! It was all over for McElroy. Ouch! Ooh. Ouch! Ouch! Yikes! That had to hurt.

Argh! I can't believe I forgot my cowbell! However, I did wear the lucky ring that Voodoo entrusted to me and I kissed it every goal! BTW - Happy Birthday Voodoo!

Anyway, adrenaline levels way up, way happy, feeling good. That is good medicine! The Best!

Just a note... we're probably gonna get a projector to watch the next two games at my house if anyone is interested. Sunday 04/20 and Friday 04/25! Let me or Mondo know if you can make it.

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