Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Time for some pix!

My bananaphone bag... Yes, it's a fanny pack - but look how cool I made it. Haha, yes - you heard me right. I said cool. hahaha. I'm soooo funny! Don't bother telling me how crooked my flower is, I'm gonna pretend it's just perfect ;o)

Me & my Godson Adrian at Hibachi Grill - celebrating his continuation, which I didn't get to go to 'cause I was supposed to be getting chemo (2nd try).
Alejandro and Jayda at his graduation party.

Me, Jayda and Nikkita at Alejandro's Graduation Party

Me, Mateo and Karen at a Potluck for Mateo's last day of pre-school! (Two days after chemo, looking good - not)

Darren and Mondo - out for Pho.

And Eric too....

Aubreyana and Mondo at the BBQ

Jayda Marie at the Memorial Day BBQ

John & Lisa at the BBQ too...

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