Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chemotherapy - Session II (finally)

Hi friends!

Guess what? The Neupogen worked! My counts were good to go and I was finally able to receive my 2nd chemotherapy treatment! Yay! I am now through with two!

Here's where I'm at -


Actual Low High
Bloodpressure 103/71
(Less than 120/80)
WBC 17.3
3.5 11.0
HGB 12.6
12.0 16.0
HCT 36.5
34.0 47.0
Platelets 290
150.0 450.0
Neutrophils 13.0
1.5 7.5

My Neutrophils like thirteen-ippled

Wow! Where do I start? I'll start with some of the Neupogen side effects - which were not so good. I was told that I might get flu like symptoms including pain in my bones. On Monday afternoon, I started to feel a pain in my jaw. By the evening it was so bad and it hurt so much I felt like I needed to squeeze my face to put pressure to stop it. Then I started to get a headache. A horrible headache. But I couldn't even get up to take Tylenol. I just tried to fall asleep, and eventually I did. In the morning, I took some Tylenol and my headache went away. Then the backache started. Near my hips and lower back. Ugh, I was wondering if it was from walking around - but I didn't really walk that much. So, that was the bad of it. The good of it is - like I said before, it worked. I'm way excited about that.

Today was really good though...

Dr Azar thought, since my reaction to this dose of Neupogen was so good, that we should do a trial... to try not taking the Neupogen as often as it is normally prescribed, and instead - take a dose (just one dose) two days before my next chemo! If this works, then instead of taking Neupogen almost everyday, then I will only take it once every two weeks! Also, if this works then I pretty much have the meds covered with the Neupogen that Dr Azar gave me. That would be a BIG relief! So, if you can - please pray that this will work. It would be really awesome if it did.

About my treatment...
Well, I met two more really great people. First, my nurse Laney (or maybe Lanie). She was really nice (they all are) and even talked to me about her three sons. One of them plays a big bass guitar. You know, the kind that are about as big as a small house? He is studying jazz. I think that is so cool. Makes me want to jazz out right now. The second person I met was this man who sat in a chair next to me. His name is Angelo and he is actually on the same regimen I'm on - but he got into the test group and is also taking the Cetuximab (C225) study drug. He's on his 7th treatment. Anyway, he is really nice and friendly and talked to me and my mom for a long while. He told me about his experiences so far and also about himself. He even said he would send me a recipe for mussels. mmmm.... If my WBC's behave themselves and stay on schedule, then I should see him at my next treatment. Dennis (my social worker) also stopped by to say 'hi' and meet my mom. Yep, he's still nice too :o) And Charla (nurse) showed me how to give myself shots.

And now...
I am at home, getting ready to lay down for a bit. I have a headache and am hot. Same as last time. Karen A, (my pastor's wife) stopped by and delivered some homemade soup and brownies - isn't that awesome. Good deal cause mom was with me all day at the Franklin Clinic and even took me to a book store on the way home.

One last thing...

Oh yeah, before I go, I found out a bit more information on the "Relay For Life". It will be on July 18 &19 at the Founders Green from 6pm-8am (it's an overnighter, but have heard they are lots of fun). The registration cost for a team is $100 - which I don't think is too bad. I am pretty sure I have a commitment from Mario, Karen and Mondo - so we already have a team of four. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN JOINING US. As soon as I get the registration fee, I will sign us up!

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