Friday, June 20, 2008

A really good day...

So, I had a pretty awesome day...

First, I woke up at noon... nice. Then Christina H came over and we went to Heritage Square for some sun and mountain climbing exercise :o) I used to work at the Alpine Slide, so we walked up to the top and I said hi to my friend Debbie who is the manager there. I didn't just used to work for her, I knew her whole family. Her sister Claudia used to be one of my high school counselors and she had introduced me to her brother and sister-in-law who hired me as a nanny way back when I was just a year out of high school. Anyway, Debbie ended up giving me a bunch of tickets for the slide - FREE. Kristina and I took one trip, and I am going to use the rest to take up Darren and hopefully a few of my nieces and nephews. We also took some of those goofy photo prop sets. Click on the thumbnail for a bigger view of the collage.

Next, we headed over to the Coors Brewery for a 'short tour' - which basically means you skip the tour and head on to the FREE Beer. They give you a wristband which has punches on it to allow you up to three drinks. I tried a Blue Moon - I've heard so much about them. And also had a Root Beer with no ICE. I think if I lived in Golden, I might do that tour way more often!

After that, we went to Jose O'Shea's for their Happy Hour. FREE Taco Bar with the purchase of a drink. Even lemonade. So yep, we had a drink and some tacos, and chimichangas (I think), and enchiladas, and watermelon. Wholly cow! And this was just a few hours before I was supposed to meet some friend for dinner! The tab for this Happy Hour came out to $5.25! Can you believe it? What a deal!

I dropped Kristina off and finally met her nana that she talks so much about. Too bad, I was in a bit of a hurry to go and meet my Band of Sisters by 7pm at PF Changs. No, I didn't get a FREE dinner there - but that's okay. It was fun. Lot's of good conversation with my "sisters". It seems like it's been a while so it was really nice to catch up. Half of my band is going to Estonia next month, so this is probably our last get together until they get back. However, we did talk about a summer vacation to Panama next year. I am really psyched to think that we can do that. Fun huh?

Well - that was a really good day. I am soooooo tired, but here I am - making collages to post a blog. It was that fun! Hope you all are getting ready to have a great weekend yourselves.

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Kristina said...

one of the best days ever! hope we have many more $5 outings