Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chemotherapy - Session V

Just a quick note about my treatment today...

Everything went well, but it was a long day. I went in at 10:15am and Dr Azar saw me early. Then my blood draw went in and as usual, took an hour to get results.
My numbers -


Actual Low High
WBC 13.0
3.5 11.0
HGB 12.7
12.0 16.0
HCT 36.7
34.0 47.0
Platelets 243
150.0 450.0
Neutrophils 10.3
1.5 7.5

While I waited, I talked to my friend Angelo and his wife. He is a couple treatments ahead of me, plus doing the trial drug on (my) off week. Poor guy has really bad side effects on his fingers. They are dry and cut. His mood has changed and his taste buds too. I thank God that mine haven't gotten that bad and keep praying that if and when they do, I can still keep a positive attitude.

No problem with that today. Rebecca S (from my bible study group) came to keep me company. She brought me lunch - Chinese food, yummm and we chatted the day away with Angelo. I know I could take my treatment alone and it wouldn't bother me much as I would probably sleep through it mostly. But it is reallllllllly nice to have company. It seems to make the day go by so much faster.

Well, that's all for now. I don't have the terrible headache I usually do, but my jaw hurts and I am tried so I am going to go lay down. Hope you all have a great holiday weekend! Happy Independence Day!


PS - Thanks to those of you who responded to my requests for CELL PHONES to support the Diana Price-Fish Foundation. Please keep in mind this is an ongoing need and your phones can be donated through a link at the site at any time.

And I hope you'll remember that I have a team that will be participating in the American Cancer Society RELAY FOR LIFE. Please review the links noted to see if you can offer your support for either of these worthy causes.

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Lori said...

"Where do mothers learn all the things they tell their daughters not to do?"--Anonymous

So, how many does this make? Are you 5/12 of the way through? That would mean that next time you will be half way done with this. We should have a party for that one. You are coming through this like a champ.

I would love to come spend the day with you one of these times. Let me know when I can come and we'll have a super time.