Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chemotherapy - Session VI

Guess what... I have GOOD NEWS! See how happy I am?!?!?!cheeeeeese!

I had my 6th of 12 treatments today. I am HALFWAY THROUGH! I don't know why, but I am really excited about that. I guess it's just another blessing I have to count that things have went so well so far. I still am positive and full of hope and what I think is really unexpected - HaPpY! You know what I did for my pre-chemo day? I went to the driving range with Scottie (pictures to come). I've never been before and I thought it was lots of fun. I even dreamt about keeping my wrists straight next time! I also met up with my friend Lisa and we had lunch at The Broker - never been there before... and then in the evening, had dinner with my friend Nina at La Sandia (another new restaurant). Three new things with three great friends all in one day - it was awesome!

Today, my mom and Darren took me to chemo and picked up lunch for me then headed out. It was the first time I stood there alone during treatment (don't get mad Sheila! It was unexpected!) and after I read a "Soap Opera Digest" - I fell asleep. That made the time go by pretty fast... but really, I was there from 10am - 3pm. My friend Angelo wasn't there, so I didn't chat with anyone. I hope he's okay - have to check on him next.

Anyway, no nap for me now. I have to go pick up T-Shirts and info for the Relay for Life we're doing this weekend. I am sooooo psyched about that too! This week we made breakfast burritos to sell at work (thanks Mario) to raise a bit more money for the cause. So, again - if you want to check details out, they're posted online at And here's a favor I have - if you're the praying type - please pray that I will have energy this weekend! I'm gonna need it!

Added after first post...
Went to go pick up our stuff for the walk and then went with Mondo and some friends for dessert. It was our friend's bday and he bought us dessert. Yummm.... Here are the pix I said I would post... click for a larger view...

My numbers -


Actual Low High
WBC 13.1
3.5 11.0
HGB 12.4
12.0 16.0
HCT 35.9
34.0 47.0
Platelets 168
150.0 450.0
Neutrophils 9.2
1.5 7.5

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