Monday, March 3, 2008

Surgery (and other misc appointments) Scheduled!

Dr Vaughn's office called right away to schedule me for surgery.

Tosh: April 2nd is open.
Me: Yikes! Darren's birthday party is supposed to be April 5th and there is a Mammoth game on April 3rd! Can we do it the week after?
Tosh: No, Dr Vaughn wants you in as soon as possible, no later than the first part of April and we don't have any openings in March.
Me: Well, I guess I have to. April 2nd.
Tosh: I will keep and eye on the schedule and talk to Dr Vaughn. If we can get you in sooner, we will.
Me: Thanks Tosh! I would really appreciate that.

Next day... I receive a voicemail.
Tosh: Tommy, we have an opening on March. I will schedule you for March 25th. Give us a call.
Me: Yay! Wait, that's two days after Easter. Ah, Yay!

Other appointments:
March 11th, 3pm: Pre-Op Consultation
March 11th, 4pn: Pre-Op w/Dr Vaughn
March 17th: Pre-Op procedure (I'll spare you the details, but I couldn't eat that weekend!)

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Lori Lynn said...

But Tommy, I want all the gory details. I'm weird like that. I'm praying for you.