Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pre-Op Consults

Pre-Op Consult with Verhonda

The first nurse who did my intake was funny. She spoke with a really animated voice, like an exaggerated airline stewardess. Or like a mom in a 1950's tv program. She was sooooo nice! They both asked me basic questions like my medical history, current medications and stuff like that. I found out that day that I couldn't have energy drinks prior to my surgery. Darn! I just bought a case of Monster! I also found out that I wouldn't be able to eat 48hrs prior to the surgery, which meant Easter Sunday. Biscuits! Everything else was basic.

Pre-Op Consult with Dr Vaughn

Me: My tummy is feeling okay. Had some recurring pain on Friday, but only three "episodes" that lasted about a minute each. Today is my last day of antibiotics.
Dr V: Well, you might have to get back on antibiotics if the infection comes back. If you start getting the pains again, call me right away. Your (Pre-Op Procedure) will get me some detailed x-rays of your abdomen and we will know where the diverticulitis is the worst. That's the portion that we will remove. The surgery will consist of tiny incisions around your belly button and up here (across my rib cage) and then a larger incision about (holding his fingers apart about 4 inches) below your belly button.
Me: Sounds fun. No, I don't have any questions

Actually, I hope it doesn't sound like I don't, 'cause I like Dr Vaughn. He seems like a nice guy. He speaks softly and to the point. And he makes things pretty easy to understand.

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