Thursday, December 11, 2008


Sometimes, life knocks you down. And sometimes, life knocks you out... for a bit.

Looking back, I feel like I got knocked down back in March. But I was able to get back up, and all in all, felt like I only had a few scratches at the end.

Last weekend, I got knocked out.

So, you might ask me how I'm doing - and the honest answer is - physically, I am doing GREAT! It's been two months since my last chemotherapy treatment and I am back to work full time and really happy about that. And although I probably won't be able to do more than to say "I'm okay"... I still am hopeful. I still believe. I am not angry. I do not feel like God is doing this to me. And I am soooo thankful for my friends and family... and sometimes, even strangers.

Speaking of strangers, I had a plumbing emergency this past weekend at my duplex and a very nice guy came over and did the work. I was a total mess and he was really sensitive to that. And after all was said and done, he said he was sorry for what I was going through and then offered to work out a payment plan with me after the holiday season to make things a little bit easier. Boy, he had no idea what has been going on, but that was sure a nice thing to do. Anyway, the least I can do is plug his business as he did a real good job there too...

Bill Contreras
FlashPoint Heating and Residential HVAC Solutions
3644 S Nepal St
Aurora, CO 80013

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One Crazy Mom said...

I haven't had time to respond to your email about your place. I'm so sorry! That sucks! Anything I can do to help you out?

I've got a couple of cell phones for you. Are you still collecting phones for that organization?