Monday, November 10, 2008

A month gone by..... already?

Guess what today is... my one month anniversary of being chemo-free. Well, at least my last day of chemo was October 10th when I disconnected my infusion pump (banana phone) and had my central line removed. Who knows how long the stuff sticks around inside me.

Boy, this month seemed to fly by. I've been at work for two weeks now and it's going well. I am only working part-time, 4 hours a day and that really worked out to be a wise decision. My hands are aching by the time my shift is over and I am still pretty tired when I get home. I think if I were to be working full time right now, I could probably handle the fatigue - but not sure what I would do about the neuropathy. Still praying that it will eventually go away or at the very least, that the pain would lessen.

Anyway, that's all. Just a quick update. Life is good.


Claudia said...

Time flies, huh? Glad to hear you're doing well, overall. Will the neuropathy be something that will go away? Hope so!

Also glad to see you're not pushing yourself too much! Going back to work part-time sounds like a great decision. I'm sure getting back to that part of your life brings mixed emotions. Hope it's good!

I just saw the 2 recipes you posted and at this moment I am trying to figure out what day I will be making them! YUM!!! Probably Thursday. :)

Peace and goodness always,

Kristina said...

Tommy! I miss you! I'm so sad I missed your No More Chemo Party. We will celebrate when I get back into towm for ONE WHOLE MONTH on Dec. 17th. I'm kinda sad that you're back to work... now we can't really have our awesome brewery tour, Alpine slide, Jose O'Shea's party but we'll do something even better. I love you and I am so happy that you are now banana phone free. God Bless!