Thursday, March 25, 2010

Any excuse to celebrate...

Here I am again. One more round since you know when. At least, I know when - always will.

I celebrated my 38th birthday in February. Today I will celebrate my 2 year anniversary of remission. I sorta feel like it's my 2nd birthday.

I know - any excuse to celebrate Tommy...
And you know what? YES. Any excuse to celebrate life. And even more than that - quality of life. I know I'm lucky for where I've been and for where I'm at and I know it could be gone in a minute.

Well, not much else to say than that. Next week is Spring Break and I will spending time having a check-up and probably a CT scan or an ultrasound. Good. Times. *wink*


1 comment:

mhs said...

Tommy- Take EVERY opportunity to celebrate and don't ever apologize.

Life is a celebration and you've reminded me that we ALL should celebrate what time we have here more often.