Monday, July 20, 2009

Ohhhhhh.... You mean, how am I dooooooing.

It's kind of funny, I started a new job last week and have come across a lot of people asking me "How are you doing?" I answer - you know, the way you answer that question. "I'm doing great. How have you been?" To which they respond, "So everything is going okay?"

Ohhhhhh.... You mean, how am I dooooooing.

I guess I'm doing so well I forget that you might be referring to my C-stats. Or maybe it's just cause it's not a question I get everyday anymore. My peeps (the people I hang out with) know that I am doing good. Have had good check-ups. Still in remission. No more side effects. All that jazz. So, I don't mean to sound like an idiot. I didn't forget that I have cancer. I just am not thinking about it all the time :)

Annnnnnyway - there was a reason I was posting on this blog. Two things.
  1. New job. New insurance. New doctor. Had to move away from Kaiser. Bummer. I was really really bumbed to find out that my insurance cut off at midnight on my last day at Sun. Grrr... I thought it would go through the end of the month (only 'cause that's the way it was at RTD). If I had known different, I probably would not have worked the first two weeks of July! Grrr... Good thing is that Dr Azar made a referal for me and the 1st choice doctor is accepting new patients. I'm all set to meet him on July 30th. Or 31st. I can't remember. But anyway, that is cancer-related and therefore, Umm,-that-wasn't-the-diagnosis-you-originally-gave-me blog worthy.
  2. Chemo hair. Grrr... I didn't lose all of my hair and most people couldn't even tell that I lost much at all while I was going through chemotherapy. But I did lose alot of hair and I think it's growing back and doing it's own thing! I am hoping that the issue is just the new growth is at an awkward length and it's just a little (lot) unmanageable. I am hoping that once it all grows out and evens up it will be better. I am hoping that these spastic cowlicks aren't forever. I spend a good hour trying to blow dry it straight and then get frustrated and put it into a ponytail. In an effort to save me the hour (and a lot of frustration) - I've been skipping the blow dry and opting just to go straight for the ponytail - appearing to be really, just lazy. I know. I shouldn't complain. This isn't complaint-worthy at all. But, I think it's cancer-related also - so it was something to write about. It does make me greatful that I don't have anything really worth complaining about though.

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