Thursday, January 15, 2009

What? Now? Right now? I'm not even laying down.

Let's see... where to start? It's actually not that interesting.

I do have to correct myself - it was a "mole" I went and had checked out (4 of them), not a birthmark... but birthmark sounds better to me. Like it's not my fault, I was born that way. Even though, I wasn't born that way, the moles just came on their own accord, I guess it's still not my fault... what?

My appointment was easy breezy lemon squeezy. It was scheduled for 2:15pm. I checked in at 2pm like a good girl. Took my time going up, grabbed a seat and started to read my book. Boom! They were ready to see me. It only took a few minutes for the doctor to come in so really, everything started right on time. I showed him the marks and he looked at them all, stopping at the one on my stomach and saying "yeah, we better remove that one".

I said "okay". And he left the room for a minute. I thought to go and get the nurse to schedule an appointment or something - but noooo. He came back in with her, advised her what to enter into my records while he jotted the area with alcohol. Then he said, "I'm just gonna give you a shot to numb the area..." (what? now? right now? I'm not even laying down.) "You'll feel a little sting, and that will be the worst of it. And then I will take this razor blade and scrape it off." (WHAT?!?! You'll what?! Can I have a blindfold at least?)

But he was right. I turned my head to look at the nurse while he did what he needed to do. Before I knew it, she was applying antibiotic and a bandage and I was ready to go. He said they will send it in for testing and they'll get back to me with the results - but he's not worried too much about it. So I guess, neither am I.

I didn't stop by Oncology. I thought about it... but really didn't know who in particular I would be going to see. If I had a bag of candy with me that I could have dropped off, that would have been different. Maybe next time.


One Crazy Mom said...

I just really like to see what they are doing to me. No matter how it feels I love to watch people do weird medical stuff to me.

Claudia said...

Wow! Hope it's nothing when they get back to you about the mole. How was your follow-up appt or am I confused about your appt(s) day?